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Dear Friends,

We, at Rigul Trust, are helping Vision Himalaya with their urgent message for help for the victims of the recent flash floods in Ladakh.

We copy Khenpo Rangdol’s email to us as set out below, this will give you a fair picture of the needs that Vision Himalaya are preparing to fulfill and help with.

Khenpo Rangdol is Principal of Kagyu Colllege, Dehra Dun, India and President of Vision Himalaya.

If you can help in any ways at all, this would be truly wonderful – donations, advice, spreading the word about these floods and the needs of the affected Ladakhi families and their environment.  How to donate is in Khenpo’s information below.

Contact details for Khenpo Rangdol are at the end of his email.


Thank you so much for your time in reading this.

Margaret Richardson

Dear Dharma brothers and sisters,

Greetings from Ladakh, India!  I bow to all the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and Dharma protectors. May they guide me in all actions for the benefit of all sentient beings! The recent flash floods in Ladakh have left many people homeless, injured and traumatized.  We, under the banner of VISION HIMALAYA are doing our best to offer succor to those in need.   As a part of our dharma practice we are going around the affected villages and helping the flood affected families.  Five villages have been chosen for relief work: Tingmosgang, Lehdo, Skurbuchan, Sabu and Chuchot.   It will take 665 Euros for us to offer immediate relief aid to one flood hit family.  Relief aid for each affected family will include food provisions, winter clothing, household utensils, farm tools, seeds, a solar lantern and an improved Ladakhi stove.

I humbly urge you to contribute generously to our rehabilitation efforts by sponsoring a flood affected Ladakhi family.  The name and photos of the sponsored family will be made available to the donor and periodic updates will be sent to the sponsor.  Smaller contributions are also equally welcome.

Our long term rehabilitation plans for each village community include the installation of a solar dryer, a hydraulic ram pump for field irrigation, a dual purpose green house, an improved water mill and massive tree plantation to prevent soil erosion. This community rehabilitation is expected to cost 8318 Euros per village.

For further details and more photos of flood hit Ladakh kindly revert back to us.  Online donations can be made to our bank account in Leh. The details are as follows:

FCRA bank account  for foreign donors
Tingang Tsalkar Gonpa Sabha
State Bank of India, Leh Ladakh 194106, J&K, India
Account NO: 30327574121
Branch Code: 1365
MICR Code: 194002011
International Swift Code: SBININBB280

DONATING BY PAYPAL – online – using any currency – from any country – without bank charges to the donor. You do not need to already have a Paypal account, you can donate using your credit or debit card, it is very easy to do and just takes a few minutes.

To use the PayPal facility for Achi Dolma Ladakh Flood Appeal, through Rigul Trust, click on the following link to donate:

(Enter the amount you wish to donate, click ‘Update’ and then send your donation.)

100% of all donations made through Rigul Trust Ladakh Floods Appeal will go to Achi Dolma Flood Appeal.

BY CHEQUE: Cheques made payable to Rigul Trust – address: Rigul Trust, 13 St Francis Avenue, Southampton, SO18 5QL. UK

UK taxpayers eligible for Gift Aid.

We have already set up team of Vision Himalaya in Ladakh and they are busy helping with those victims. After my summer retreat is completed, I have booked flight to travel to Ladakh on the 10th of September and will distribute any donations our project receives.
I got many phone calls from Ladakh and they said that they really need lots of help from all over the world, only confirming my fears of how desperately these people need our urgent help. As you have a good link with your friends, it would be so kind if you could fundraise as much as possible for this disaster so as to be of benefit for the people of Ladakh

I would like to extend my thanks for your help in advance. Any contribution or effort to fundraise would be much appreciated by me and the people of Ladakh.

Here I have attached a flyer call (Achi Dolma Flood Relief Fund) you can see all our current activities and bank account details.
Currently, I am the president of our society and you can contact me if you need any further information about the Ladakh relief effort.

With the blessings of Achi Dolma we are sending our appeal for donations the world over.  In case you want to come and be a volunteer in our rehabilitation efforts please let us know. We will do our best to accommodate you so that you may earn spiritual merit too through selfless service.  Our guest houses at Tingmosgang and Lamayuru can accommodate up to 10 guests at a time.

With loving prayers and metta.

Khenpo Rangdol

Khenpo Konchok Rangdol
(Principal Kagyu College)

Kagyu College
P.O. Kulhan
Sahastradhara Road,
Dehra Dun-248001
(U.K.) India

Ph: +91 135 6534398
Mobile:+91 9837258952
Face book id is: Khenpo Rangdol


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  1. Margaret Richardson

    jackie August 21, 2010 at 10:52 pm
    Please donate donate donate. I have been to Ladakh and Khen Lobsang Tsetan Rinpoche of Stok (next to Ley) Ladakh comes to Tulsa,OK to raise funds for his children’s school which literally supports an entire community of adults and extendced families through donations and student sponsorship.
    Tell anyone you know who has empathy with Tibet…..for the preservation of the culture… give and give quickly to prepare for winter and food. They will need money to buy anything that is brought in. There are repairs to recover machines, plantings…to survive.
    It is heartbreaking to see years and years of carefully planned growth, planting and building for so many needed services… washed away. The chaos and suffering are unimaginable.
    Ladakh is a special place where Buddhism is carefully nurtured, cultivated and preserved. Existence is often at a bare subsistence level to begin with. His Holiness Dalai Lama goes there every year and it is where he can be with Tibetans, teach and rest. The Buddhist community is going to need our help in a very very desperate way. If education is an example of what support might be forthcoming, Christians, Muslims and Hindus in Ladakh often have the global support of their far away organizations with large donations. We are all connected to people in Ladakh. The same teachings, practices, Lineages…I remember walking through Choglamsar where HHDL had just taught, going over the small bridge to Stok and back to where I was staying. Thousands of Tibetans. The relics of the Buddha were brought there. HH Dalai Lama taught at Nubra, over the pass. I’m almost speechless how to communicate what is missing for people. They have to rebuild certain things immediately to make it through the winter. It is so cold there in winter that Khen Rinpoche told me simply, “Don’t come in winter, you can’t take it.”
    These are a gentle people whose natural bent is to pray for the perpetrators of a crime as well as the victim. Gentle. Their irrigation system outside of Stok is “voluntary” in other words, by mutual compassion, when your garden has enough, you divert the small canal of stream water into your neighbor’s land so they can grow their food.
    Please give. It’s money they need. They will know what to do with the money. We already know what to do with our prayers. Jackie Roemer, Bodhicharya Oklahoma, US.

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