In Tibet we support the school and the health clinic in Rigul village which is situated in a remote area of the Kham region of eastern Tibet.

  • The Health Clinic, Dr Chuga: his assistant , Karma Tsisha: Ani Choden, the nurse: and advanced running costs of the clinic.
  • Food for 2 hot meals a day, at school, for every day of the year, for approximately 60 children.
  • Salaries for 5 teachers, 3 cooks, blankets for a dormitory for 12 children and cement carpeting for the playground.

In India we support the Ling Gesar School in Manduwala , Dehra Dun.

  • We have now sent the funds for the building of 2 new classrooms at this school.

This school is not only for the Tibetan refugees but caters for all the Indian children in the surrounding poor villages. It was set up 20 years ago and before 2003 was near to closure due to lack of funds. Since 2003 a charitable trust in Germany has been set up under the guidance of Ringu Tulku: Bodhicharya Huttenried – Dharma-Tor Charitable Trust, Germany.  To help maintain and improve the education and health facilities, our Patron Ringu Tulku Rinpoche has also asked Rigul Trust to also help fund this project.

In Sikkim we are supporting traditional Tibetan Medicine and the conservation of Himalayan medicinal plants under ecological threat with a pilot project for growing medicinal plants in Sikkim meditation centre.  The Buddhist Medical System widely practiced across the Himalayan regions of Tibet, Ladakh, Bhutan and northern India is called ‘Sowa Rigpa’ and is approved by the Indian Government as one of India’s recognized medical traditions.

  • We have sent some funds to pay for tilling the land and planting 3 medicinal plants Ruta, Titta and Manu as an experiment to grow Tibetan and Himalayan medicinal plants.

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